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Oil vs Gas Calculator

Would You like to know how much You can actually save if You switch from Oil to Gas?

Just plug in numbers into this easy-to-use Calculator to find out.

Note: You need Microsoft Excel to use this feature.
If You don't have Microsoft Excel, email to us the following information and we will do the calculations for You and email the results back to You:
 number of gallons of oil that you used to heat Your home in the last 12 months and the price per gallon that You paid. If You are not sure about the price, we will use today's average. 
​Let's assume that it takes 500 gallons of oil to heat Your home every year. At $3.70 per gallon of heating oil (average), You spend almost two thousand dollars. 500 gallons of heating oil are equivalent to 692.5 therms of natural gas. At $1.30 per therm (average), estimated yearly cost of natural gas is less than a thousand dollars. Which gives us yearly savings of $949.75! 
Please note that the calculations are estimated.